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The correlation between microcosm and macrocosm might be one of the few scientific explorations which didn’t loose its mystical spirit even after being well understood by humans. It is still more than exciting that the geometric shapes which build our star system are the same ones that constitute most of the models on a particle level. This is true for many aspects outside the human body as well as inside of it.

But what’s it got to do with minimalism? Well, if the co-founder of Norm Architects—one of the landmark studios in minimalist design—and the creative director of Kinfolk—a magazine focussing on the deeply human aesthetics of life—team up with Sørensen Leather—provider of a genuine high quality material fundamental to interior design—microcosm and macrocosm easily become the core issue of any creative concept. At Kinfolk Gallery in Copenhagen an exhibition displayed the beauty of skin against skin, spheres against spheres and textures against textures.

Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, co-founder of Norm Architects and creator of the 110 photographs which were part of the exhibition tells us:

The images highlight the contrasts and connections between geometric and anthropomorphic shapes, the latter referring to the Greek words anthropos and morphe meaning human form. Elements fundamental to our design process…

And Louise Vesterskov Sørensen of Sørensen Leather explains the beautiful leather balls enhancing the presentation like this:

The subtleties you feel when you touch the surfaces. The nuances in colours that draw you closer. We were looking for a new way of showing leather beyond furniture—in art…

It’s amazing to browse through the artworks of the exhibition as well as the images of the space itself. They confirm that a true thing of beauty is one that lasts and is appreciable in different ways. No matter if it’s perceived in a live experience visiting Copenhagen, as a documentation photo series the way we publish it here, or by acquiring any of the individual art pieces which definitely work separately as well. It will always tell its story immaculately.

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