Collection 0


In the contemporary world where disciplines are becoming more intersected, philosophies in art and design are also crossed with one another—following no specificities or criteria. In a way, this notion has allowed room for artists and designers alike to explore, combine, and create hybrids of artistic products.

To frame Toronto studio Hi Thanks Bye’s debut furniture collection, named Collection 0, through a perspective of minimalism is a reductive action. Inspired by Chinese gardens and Canadian islands, the collection takes on a formal and Baroque-esque aesthetic. Where maximal qualities—a curtain of green threads on the floor lamp, geometric shapes superimposing a shelving unit, and textural emboss on a floor rug—are present, Collection 0 is a harmonious juggle between simplicity and complexity. By placing these details as a secondary trait of the collection, the designers are able to sculpt each individual object with basic structural supports and a singular colour palette. When we thoroughly dissect each component of the furniture, all are comprised of fundaments of minimalism, where those core values can only be seen with comprehensions.

The duo Stein Wang and Topher Kong of Hi Thanks Bye also referred to their heritage when talking about Collection 0. As with the convergence of disciplines and philosophies, the cultural hints of both designers are also woven to add more depth to this whimsical series. The collection will be shown at the London Design Faire from 20–23 September 2018.

There is no longer a pure form of design philosophy, in my opinion; everything is contextual and based on precedents. Therefore, it is an exciting time to analyse arts and designs through multiple angles to produce substantial conversations. Collection 0 is one of many great examples that even designs with maximal characteristics can still be studied as minimalist.

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