It’s always thrilling when individual heroes of minimalism join forces to create something great together. In the case of Tokyo design studio Nendo and Milan-based fashion designer Jil Sander such a collaboration is something we at Minimalissimo simply must get excited about. The capsule collection Objectextile might not look minimalist in its entirety, but the process of its creation is very much based on a minimalist approach, and the idea of a capsule collection itself is the epitome of minimalist fashion.

Let’s have a look at it: Objectextile is an exploration of 3D elements, 2D design and silhouettes versus patterns. First, studio Nendo created three-dimensional objects, of which they took photos from different angles. From these photos the teams of Nendo and Jil Sander together created a set of all-over print patterns. These are: a checked pattern made with tightly woven threads, a dot pattern expressed by the depth of 82 floating cones arranged in space, a grid made of the shadows of an aggregation of cubes, camouflage created by the differences in the frosted and clear finishes of transparent acrylic sheeting, and stripes originating in a group of flat pillars.

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