Fluo Bag (20 years edition)

Sandra Thomsen + Ilke Penzlien
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Martin Hass

An homage to the simplicity, aesthetics, and function of the common plastic shopping bag used in stores throughout Germany. After 20 years, the label’s first design, the Fluo bag, is reissued in a limited edition. By transferring the shape of a common plastic shopping bag into soft and snug calf leather Sandra Thomsen and Ilke Penzlien created a simple and long lasting bag which became the labels “classic” product.

The Fluo bag is made of ethically produced premium Iberian cowhide and is meant to last for many years. Natural irregularities are a characteristic quality embracing traces of life that give each bag an individual look and feel. The Fluo bags are handmade in Portugal in a small family run company in Porto.

The 20th anniversary edition of the bags comes in a handmade, minimalist cardboard box with embossing.

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