Casa La Quinta


Located in the Mexican city of San Miguel de Allende, known for its classic architecture, and especially for its Baroque and Neoclassical colonial structures, the city very well adapted itself to become a cosmopolitan destination for art and design. The striking Casa La Quinta is a clear example of the marriage of the past with an intense look into contemporary ideas.

Designed by architects Pérez Palacios and Alfonso de la Concha Rojos, the dwelling brings forth a strong minimalist stance with its outer shell. As the residence is devoid of any windows to the outside, the strong presence of the white cube premise is set from the get go. The material is very reminiscent of the limestone, offering a slight hint of yellow to the visual composition. And thus guaranteeing a rustic identity from the local choice of material.

The 350m² home was tailor-made for a retired couple to enjoy the charming abode as a getaway destination, and the program delivers the intention with great success. Three patios set the tone and define the dynamics of the entire home. High ceilings and walls enclose and create a truly private haven for resting. As each patio is distinct from each other, it's an impressive feat how compelling each space manages to be. Each space showcases strong geometric identities, from the wooden ceiling repetition to the gorgeous clean-cut pool in the central area. 

It is all possible because of the amplitude, as the architects explain:

These voids give the project its character, producing a different perception of scale to the user, a high contrast of light and shadows, spaces of silence and rest.
Casa La Quinta flawlessly delivers an important dialogue between local architecture traditions with a contemporary minimalist sensibility. A true oasis.

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