Kate Beck's Form Surface

art & illustration

Maine based artist Kate Beck creates paintings and drawings coalesced of intensity, intimacy and silence that result from a systematic starting point of materials and geometric shape.

A particular illustration of Beck's work I would like to share with you today is the quite wonderful and minimal Form Surface collection. This quiet, yet deliberate collection of line drawings and paintings displaying subtle gradients of soft and subdued tones, include the application of poured oil, graphite on aluminium, linen and paper. Form Surface in my opinion, strongly reflects Beck's manifesto:

I believe white to be the most inherently beautiful colour as it carries with it the potential to simultaneously expose and negate space.

I believe black to be the most innately powerful colour as it is defined by the presence of light as well as by the absence of light.

There's not a single piece in this collection that fails to impress me, but what do you think?

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