Dieter Rams Documentary


He is now 84 years old. He created a set of 10 everlasting Principles for Good Design and you have probably come across several of his more than 100 iconic pieces already: Dieter Rams. Can you imagine that no one has ever done a full feature documentary on the man who created the Vitsœ 606 shelving system, the Braun SK4 stereo system and the Braun calculator? But now is the time! Gary Hustwit, the director of documentaries like Helvetica, Objectified and Urbanzied has been granted unprecedented and exclusive access to Dieter and is already working on a documentary that is simply called Rams.

That’s where you come into play! Make the movie happen by supporting Gary Hustwit's Kickstarter for Rams. The deadline is 22 July, and the goal is $200,000. There are amazing rewards, ranging from a digital download of Rams to private advance screenings, limited letterpress posters of the 10 Principles for Good Design and even a vintage Braun RT 20 radio.

In stark opposition to Rams’ tenth principle, this Kickstarter operates on the proposition that more is in fact more, as every cent that exceeds the minimum requirements of the movie will be used to preserve the extensive Rams archive by supporting the Dieter and Ingeborg Rams foundation. So let’s get to it and make the timeless work of a true design hero an everlasting source of inspiration.

Photography courtesy of Vitsœ.

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