Vifa Oslo Speaker

industrial design

With the consumption of music becoming more and more mobile, a new challenge arises: the high-end but agile reproduction of music from devices like phones, tablets or laptops. The Danish independent audio brand Vifa accepted this challenge. In only three years they launched four amazing wireless loudspeakers with Oslo being the latest addition to the set.

The first impression of Oslo is dominated by the raw nordic simplicity of its design. The textile cover is tailor-made for Oslo by Kvadrat, the frame is constructed of solid aluminium, and although the monochromatic finish is particularly appealing, the colour range is wide and timeless. But then there is the sound:

We wanted an agile product you can easily move around in your home. Therefore we went for the upright lines, allowing for a small footprint. This means Oslo takes up little space — but still has the physics for a full-bodied reproduction of music at impressive playback volume… says Chief Design Engineer Mikael Ankersen.

Ultimately, design and quality of sound are very much interconnected, especially when it comes to wireless loudspeakers. The Vifa Oslo brings together the best of both and thus tackles the challenge of modern sound successfully.

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