Doldam Residence

Seoraksan National Park, South Korea
Jang Mi

Doldam, a private rental residence in Seorak National Park designed by New York based architects ONE-AFTR, exemplifies architectural harmony with nature. Inspired by the area's renowned fall foliage and boulders, the design captures the park's dynamic environment. Rocks from construction enhance the front yard, creating a natural landscape that regulates plant growth. The residence's standout feature, an expansive front wall, acts both as a barrier and an opening to the front yard, offering unique perspectives of the landscape.

The layout comprises two rows of three interconnected 4-metre-wide spaces, fostering unity and flow. The southeast-facing courtyard and outdoor deck blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, allowing tenants to experience the natural elements intimately. Doldam's thoughtful minimalist design with its striking orange palette, while emphasising natural light and airflow, creates an immersive, harmonious retreat, seamlessly integrated with its environment.

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