House on Lake Garda


Located in the northeastern region of Italy, in Veneto, stands the small but eye-catching House on Lake Garda. Designed by Pedevilla Architects this summer house is a great example of minimalism aligned with visual garments, which is an unusual combination most of the times.

The dwelling measures a mere 58m² and the compact rectangular layout impresses with its beautiful texture and colour on the outer shell. Made in medium-coarse mineral plaster, the architects employed materials found in the region; thus infusing the exterior with a unique texture. The interior design adopts the same colour palette and a penchant for strong angles and sharp furniture. As the main social area houses both living room and kitchen, the private area stays hidden from view to visitors. Lastly, it's important to note the celebration of the beautiful surroundings of Lake Garda with a clever rooftop terrace.

A noteworthy element is found on the side of the abode. A section of hollow brick wall—similar to the Brazilian cobogó—brings a refreshing attitude to the grey box. A welcome juxtaposition of vintage modernism with the contemporary minimalism. A great place to summer indeed.

Photography by Gustav Willeit.

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