Grappa Travel Flask

industrial design

In collaboration with Nonino — a grappa brand with a 100-year history — the Dutch design bureau Scholten & Baijings has designed a grappa travel flask. Grappa is a distilled Italian alcoholic drink made from the left overs from winemaking.

The travel flask is made of titanium with the latest production techniques. This high value material is not only strong and extremely light, but also corrosion resistant, which makes it ideal to transport and to store grappa.

The top of the travel flask has a screwcap and a removable cup is positioned at the bottom. Perfect to enjoy a sip of grappa whilst on the road.

Scholten & Baijings designed five different color series: dark blue, light blue, grey/green, yellow and red/pink. The flasks owe their color to a unique anodizing technique. Each color complements one of the five selected Nonino Grappa varieties.

Although I'm not yet a particular fan of grappa myself, I really admire the appearance of the travel flask. I like the soft, clean lines and the material used. A personal favorite is the dark blue flask. Beautiful.

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