Elli Mirror

Knauf and Brown
From the Bay
Conrad Brown

A freestanding mirror is one of those homewares that goes beyond utility. It can make you a dressing area, visually enhance your interior through light reflection, and add decorative value to your home through aesthetics. And if it can also be used for storage, all the better.

Elli is a simple mirror design by Calen Knauf and Conrad Brown consisting of two halves; an oval swivel mirror and a storage dish. Made for From the Bay, the mirror is set within a metal frame which serves as a buffer so that the hand adjusting the mirror avoids smudging the mirror. The storage dish sits within four wire legs elevated off the bureau top to collect personal necessities and accessories.

The use of metal wire is ingenious with the minimum amount of material needed to form four legs and the fulcrum point for the adjustable mirror. Actually, all the metal material used is just enough to make the form and provide the two functions of the mirror. Yet all the curves of the dish, mirror, and legs, are a friendly form poised to welcome the user.

The Vancouver-based design and photography duo and life long friends worked together between 2013 to 2019 on a range of creations including product design for mass production, furniture, custom editions, interior design, and graphic design. The Elli Mirror is certainly a stand-out from this collaboration.

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