Collection Lambert Extension


Completed in 2015, the extension of the Collection Lambert in Avignon is an expansion to a traditional mansion turned museum in Avignon, France. Designed by Paris based architects Berger&Berger, the extension was needed to hold Yvon Lambert's ever-growing contemporary art collection, which includes pieces by Cy Twombly and Donald Judd. Berger&Berger's design adds gallery space while connecting the old and new museums physically and aesthetically.

The added galleries skew modern but display key elements that connect them to the traditional architecture of the original structure. White, the preferred colour of art galleries and minimalists alike, is utilised through several materials in the structure. White concrete mingles with terrazzo floors and marble accents. And of course, clean white sheetrock is prominently featured for the gallery's displays.

As in many museums, natural light is limited so as not to interfere with the exhibits. Here, unique skylights illuminate the rooms while avoiding direct light on the artworks. As a bonus, Berger&Berger's skylights are so well incorporated they could be mistaken for modern sculptures on display. I especially love the moment when a circular skylight meets the curved staircase: the structure creates a playful yet sophisticated juncture that is as exciting as the artworks within.

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