Villa Klánovice


A strong duality comes into play for the surprisingly nimble Villa Klánovice. Prague based architecture firm ADR was commissioned to design an unassuming dwelling, and thus, the welcoming card is an orderly grey façade surrounded by unchained nature on all sides. Stepping in, a clever inversion happens, as a rich minimalist programme takes charge.

Inside is as rich and complex design fully clad in white, the undeniable colour serves as a great stage for the handpicked furniture; especially when glass and metal touches are at the forefront. The living room and bath room are great examples of the austere but irrefutable style the architects are presenting. The industrial elements are raw and full of personality in the lavatory, whereas the rest of the house features unassuming furniture to let the art pieces shine.

Unlike many minimalist abodes, featuring orderly or simplistic gardens, the architects weren’t afraid to let the surrounding flora get closer than usual. The organic feel of an unplanned garden sits as a stimulating opposition for the order and amplitude of the interior.

Photography by boysplaynice.

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