Pila is the tradition Guatemala sink beautifully reinterpreted by Dutch designer Remko Verhaagen, who owns the Rotterdam-based studio and collection Blooey, specialised in product, interior, and brand design.

Made by local craftsmen mostly working from their backyards, the classic Pila is an iconic symbol of local design culture and can be found in colonial residences or at the central square of villages.

Meanwhile, the new design has been produced for Good Hotel Antigua, a stylish boutique hotel placed in the centre of Unesco-protected Antigua, seeking to connect visitors with their destination through objects that tell stories about their origin, with Pila being a perfect example of this concept.

Available in black and white marble, and in marble dust and cement mix—with teak tray and waste basket—the result is an elegant design piece, blending masterfully local colonial inspiration and minimalism, placed in a unique atmosphere by Good Hotel Antigua.

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