Gota Collection

industrial design

Gota Collection is the result of a collaboration between the young industrial design studio OGSB and Ateliers J&J. This family of lights has been imagined and designed to fit into a short-circuit vision. The collection consists of two different types of LED lighting; one table lamp and one floor lamp. The design of the lamp allows it to be articulated on two different axis which gives it a distinctive personality. This means that the light beam can be oriented by the inclination of the axis of the lamp and by the orientation of the lampshade. Gota’s arm and head hold their position wherever they are placed.

Comprised of powder coated or anodised aluminium, the lamp is also completely removable in favour of a possible replacement of the components. Furthermore, the designers opted for a single-material that will facilitate recycling and assembling. This decision is supported by the monochromatic finish.

Founded in 2017 by Ophélie Gerard and Sam Bara, OGSB is an industrial design studio based in Brussels. Their creative process is nurtured by observation, understanding, and willingness to improve the life cycle of products by embracing an atypical and innovative vision of production.

With a respectable design ethos and beautiful aesthetics, this little studio is one to watch over the coming years.

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