Grandview for Mac


Software development agency Dark Heartfelt have created Grandview - a fully customisable and incredibly simple notepad, which allows for one-word-at-a-time-text-entry. By pressing a hotkey from any application on Mac, one can quickly enter a full-screen writing experience. The notepad allows the user to view text word by word, sentence by sentence, but also as a full page.

Grandview is custimisable in the sense that the user has the option to change the font colour, size and face as well as the background colour. It can also operate in clean slate mode so that every time it is activated it clears the user's previous entry.

There is no doubting the originality of Grandview and as a distraction-free, uninterupted writing environment, it certainly amplifies efficiency. Perhaps not as sleek as other writing software, but it is very inexpensive. Well executed and well worth a try.

Watch this video to see how it works.

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