GVFC Apartment


Minimal interior is usually seen as the base for complementary furnishes. However for Balzar Arquitectos, GVFC Apartment’s bare white walls are intended to highlight another main component of the architecture design; which in itself is an inward focus that’s rarely seen.

Situated at a corner of a building designed by Antonio Escario, this Valencian apartment takes on the surrounding contexts in order to form its own characteristics. Due to the walls not being perpendicular to each other, the architects had taken on the challenge as an opportunity to develop elements that cover up this restriction sophisticatedly. By creating an open plan, the flow of spatial interior is carried through coherently with the help of a physical curve that graces the ceiling. This integration also acts as a separation of the dining and living area. Occasionally, whimsical furnitures scattered across different rooms to create a peculiar feeling to the unit, breaking the sterility and enhancing different programs of particular corners.

The pour of natural light in communal zones is a stand-out feature of GVFC Apartment. The poetic gesture creates an atmospheric dialogue of inside and outside, the light and the lighter, serenity and peacefulness—a minimal and unconventional wonderland.

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