Homage to Waveforms


Minimal electronic composer Eleh has been building quite a reputation for his series of waveform releases for TAIGA Records. In 2008 he released Homage to the Square Wave, in 2009 Homage to the Sine Wave and this year we will see the release of Homage to Pointed Waveforms, "a bumper, two-wave extravaganza exploring the analogue synth sounds of the triangle and sawtooth waves." (The Wire 234)

According to TAIGA,

the elemental approach to construction of the pieces [...] is influenced by Josef Albers, the visual artist best known for his color studies embodied in paintings of geometric abstraction.

Of the work, Boomkat says,

This is the kind of academic sound you can totally become absorbed in and it should appeal to early electronic followers and minimalists everywhere!

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