The Light Phone

industrial design

The Light Phone is not only an exciting design product, it is more a physical manifestation of philosophical questions. Those question to me are:

What does it mean to be connected? Am I connected if I have the chance to get in touch with any person I know or even total strangers any minute of the day? Do I feel connected if I have 80% of the global catalogue of music in my hands in seconds to browse from? Or do I feel connected if I manage to be fully in the moment? If I experience the most mundane aspects of my life with all of my attention for at least some time of my day?

The Light Phone gives you a chance to find out what kind of connectivity feels better. In a way, this phone is a device to create a gradual withdrawal from constant technological social pressure:

The phone does not try to “solve all of our problems” like most other technology products and apps claim to do, but rather to ask questions… Our (smart)phones have become our nervous habit, our invisible crutch, reaching for them without thinking. We love the illusion of productivity and stimulation that is socially acceptable to abuse.

So what if you could feel safe not to miss out on the most crucial messages which usually reach you via phone call, and still get away from all the buzz for a little while? The Light Phone is created to enable exactly that experience. It uses your existing phone number but gives you the chance to leave your smartphone at home. The most genius aspect about it is that it’s such a beautiful object that you’d want to take it with you. It very much encourages to go light by design. And it’s always a conversation starter once you pick it up. So again, the goal to ask questions would be reached.

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