Alter Ego


Art director and designer Alyssa Buono and photographer Andrew Kung create under the name of AANTONYM; a series of creative projects that explore the narrative between contrasting concepts and ideas. Copy 1 – Alter Ego is their first issue where the dichotomy and the self is studied, illustrating the universal struggle of battling our inner voices and self-doubt in our society. The creative duo explains us:

Nike's broader concept of competing with yourself and pushing your limits—that is evident in their advertising—made a great match to convey our concept. We pulled clean, minimal, black and white wardrobe pieces to unveil the push and pull of the egos.

Contrast in photography and design, symmetry in the layout, white space alternated with condensed patterns, are some of the main characteristics of the work, along a storyline that begins with calm and a clear divide between the protagonist and the antagonist. As the narrative progresses, the images become increasingly chaotic until the protagonist is confined by the antagonist, but finally the protagonist prevails with the caveat that another inner struggle is introduced.

In my opinion, this is a great work where each composition was carefully thought and fantastically developed, producing a great result in each piece.

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