Steel Bottle Grinder

industrial design

When you buy a property, it’s natural that your enthusiasm for design accessories in the home increases. You want to create something that defines your taste through the art of curating your own space. I’m experiencing just this, which has lead me to considering accessories for the kitchen. With a white, grey and metallic aesthetic, I was immediately drawn to Copenhagen-based Norm Architects’ latest offering—brushed stainless steel and mirror polished stainless steel bottle grinders, with the former featuring a walnut topping.

A new edition to the family of ceramic grinders, this is a high-performing grinder that features an inverted design to ensure that salt, pepper, seeds, walnuts, etc., sprinkle from the top of the grinder instead of the bottom. That means no mess on the table or in the kitchen. Designed for Scandinavian design brand Menu, the grinder is also very easy and enjoyable to operate thanks to the powerful ceramic mechanism inside.

The subtle S and P markings on the lids are distinct, yet inconspicuous, allowing the grinders to be used beyond just salt and pepper. I like that.

You can pick up this striking grinder from our friends at Ode to Things.

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