House in Oizumi

Gunma Prefecture, Japan
Fukayama Architects

Led by Tomoko Fukayama, Japanese architects Tomoko Miyama First Class Architects Office design with serenity as a core principle. In a space filled with tranquility, you can continually appreciate light, shadow, and nature in a well-balanced way throughout each day. You can find an absolute sense of security and calmness that transcends the senses. Tomoko explains:

I believe that the role of architecture is to transcend dimensions from small realisations obtained through the five senses, and to create opportunities that lead to harmony with oneself. By increasing the ability to feel and spend time richly with sensibility, we will increase the level of happiness and satisfaction in life.

House in Oizumi, located in Japan's Gunma Prefecture, is a perfect realised example of the kind of architecture Tomoko conceptualises. Light and shadow recognise each other and make them stand out precisely because they are polar opposites. That's why it resonates with people's sensibilities. And that is what defines this home. The interior has a very understated design that possesses the absolute essentials, featuring a striking contrast of materials and an intentional use of white space throughout. The design feels extremely private and secure, yet introduces a wonderful natural energy.

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