Panter&Tourron Backpack


Swiss design and consultancy studio Panter&Tourron have made this striking, practical, and superbly simple backpack. It is a celebration of ultimate luxury—simplicity and performance. This leather laptop bag for the urban environment is specifically designed to protect our belongings. Its minimal and clean shape hides a highly engineered foam padding that safeguards and protects its contents from accidental falls.

Panter&Tourron explains:

The inspiration comes from the inflatable packaging used to ship electronic devices and the design starts from the typical tubular structure of upholstery, car seats, and down jackets.
The pattern construction is designed to be as clean as possible with two shapes merged together using the tension of the padded tubes, obtaining a backpack where the form is always defined. This construction allows to variate in a consistent way through different thicknesses and densities of foam, reducing the costs and enhancing the lightness of the backpack.

Based in Lausanne, Panter&Tourron researches new formal codes and visual experiences exploring the intersections of technology, design, and society. Through material investigation and technical innovation, they work to define a new vision of luxury for tomorrow.

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