Jota Apartment

Barcelona, Spain
Deza Setien
David Zarzoso

A new configuration is proposed by Deza Setien for this 135 square-metre apartment located in the surroundings of Plaza Francesc Macià, in Barcelona, through the interaction between different volumes which demarcate the rooms, articulate the routes, and structure the emptiness and occupation.

The minimal and almost total monochromatic materiality of the house, allows its inhabitants to focus on the most fundamental aspects; the experience in space, and allows the light and shadows to draw and provide discontinuity to the uniformity generated by it.

In the collective area, consisting of an entrance hall, living-dining-reading area, study and kitchen, the walnut veneer used in the central volume perpendicular to the facade is accentuated. Attached to the rest of the day area is the kitchen, articulated by a central island and with the possibility of being completely isolated through a sliding door with walnut wood frames and tinted glass, which collects the space and at the same time sifts the light that filters into the interior.

A short distributor gives way to the private area, where the threshold of light that is generated in the final section discovers the continuity towards the bedroom area and directs the route towards them.

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