House in Sanbonmatsu


House in Sanbonmatsu is a spacious and light-filled home designed by Hironaka Ogawa and Associates. The highlight of this Japanese house is the central courtyard. A piece of the roof appears to have been carved away, revealing a lovely outdoor space in the middle of the structure. Most of the rooms are arranged around the perimeter of the courtyard. Two bedrooms are located on the second story. The kitchen and living room features a double height ceiling, allowing the room to feel light and airy. The majority of the home's windows face the courtyard, as opposed to the street, to promote a sense of calm.

I love the contrast between the House in Sanbonmatsu's street appearance and its internal appearance. The home reveals nothing on the street aside from a large, sloping roof and clean white walls. But the interior features warm wood, spacious living areas, and a peaceful outdoor dwelling place. Overall, the key elements of this home combine seamlessly to form a great minimal structure.

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