House in Toguchi

Kagoshima, Japan
Sakai Architects
Toshihisa Ishii

Sakai Architects has unveiled a striking architectural haven on Amami Oshima Island for a couple and their young family. Set against a backdrop of lush nature and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the house is a serene escape from urban life, with its design carefully integrated into the island's landscape.

This two-story minimalist residence is strategically positioned on the northwest corner of the property, hugging the mountainside. On the ocean side, a spacious terrace connects seamlessly with the indoors, while a discreet hair salon finds its place between the two spaces.

Inside, the first floor divides its layout with the wet area and storage on the mountainside, while the ocean-facing section encompasses the living, dining, and kitchen areas. Upstairs, a master bedroom and children's room provide a private retreat. The design fosters a sense of connection, with openings in the upstairs wall and cleverly placed glazing in the salon, ensuring a harmonious flow of natural light.

Built to withstand typhoons, the house boasts a reinforced concrete framework. The roof, crafted from wood, not only minimises solar heat but also offers cost-effective ground stabilisation. Situated on a hill, the house enjoys natural ventilation year-round, eliminating the need for air conditioning, even in the heat of summer.

Thoughtfully placed windows frame stunning vistas of the sea and mountains, complete with deep eaves for shade. Privacy and protection are ensured on the west side, shielding the interior from intense sunlight and road traffic. Skylights above the entrance and staircase provide essential light.

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