House in Yamanote

Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates

Completed back in 2014, this minimalist dwelling situated in Japan's city of Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, was designed by Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates. Proposed with a challenge of sourcing natural light due to the whole site being covered in the shade by means of a 6-storey apartment complex on the site south side, the architects planned the space to receive light from the north side of the building.

The light taken in from one opening traverses the surrounding rooms while being reflected, diffused, and diffracted. The presence of multiple openings (outer wall openings and partition wall openings) creates a diverse interior landscape with a synergistic effect that changes throughout the day. In response to a request to make it as simple as possible to connect the actions of eating, bathing, and sleeping on the earthen floor, the architects made a flow line plan that connects them seamlessly.

L-shaped volumes bring daylight into the room and at the same time provide a large roof garden for the family.

We hope that the effective use of the three types of gardens, Sotoniwa, Nakaniwa, and Yaneniwa, will expand the range of lifestyles in the future.

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