Design solves problems—that’s right, but it should also give emotions and new user experiences.

Oito is principally a design studio based in Kiev, Ukraine, founded by Ivan Voitovych. The young studio collaborates with brands from around the world, designing a wide range of product types from furniture to desk accessories to electronic devices. Over the past year, the studio expanded further to create a child brand named, oitoproducts. Now, you might already be familiar with oito, as we previously showcased their Melt coffee table a couple of year ago. From that initial concept design, Ivan has driven this small studio forward and successfully produced that table along with a handful of other well-designed items. Not least the two-legged Eater chair.

The design language of these two pieces is quite distinctive with a focus on reductiveness and simplicity in form through a blend of straight and curved lines. There’s a playful character here as well and a great deal of practicality in the collective design. The Eater chair—not dissimilar to Form Us With Love’s Torno chair—might not exude comfort, but for its designed environment of cafes, galleries, and other public spaces, it certainly works well.

As for the charming Melt coffee table, the most distinctive element to this design is the suspended tabletop attached to a single curved leg. The design of this beautifully engineered and crafted piece is born from a play on stripping back all elements to the minimum. Crafted from aluminium, the materiality also matches the lightness and transportability of its inception. From a place of imagination and combining the forces of technology, innovation, and aesthetic, beautiful things can be made. This table and chair combination demonstrates this brilliantly.

Oitoproducts will be soon be adding to this collection with the introduction of a floor lamp, which will be exciting to see.

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