Jil Sander+ FW19


Perhaps the history of fashion house Jil Sander is one of the most coherent. The recent shuffle of designers across the industry had altered and reconstructed identities of different brands, which are now heavily defined by their correspondent creative directors. However at Jil Sander, the vision is precisely kept; the minimalist qualities can never be absent.

Under the direction of duo husband-and-wife Lucie and Luke Meier, the eminent label was able to pull itself back up 5 years after Jil Sander herself left the leading position. Now with two creative minds, the house recently launched a new seasonal addition called Jil Sander+, partnered with Mackintosh. The first collection for Fall/Winter 2019 consists of unisex apparels that are both chic and utilitarian. Looking at nature as the endless inspiration, the pieces are a mix of structural tailored outerwear and enveloping oversized knitted accessories. Complementing the active nature of this assemblage are rubberised boots and insulated undergarments like turtlenecks and stockings. The decision of intermixing fashion and activewear is cleverly executed where no element overpowers the other, creating a dynamic interaction.

The launch of Jil Sander+ really solidifies Lucie and Luke Meier's understanding of Jil Sander's philosophy of practicality, modernness, and innovation, where every detail is intentional and unornamental. The lineage of past minimalism is present and quite possibly, even better than before.

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