Jil Sander SS17 Menswear


Wide-meshed light sweaters complementing classic shirts, purist leather jackets and coats taking the role of blazers: these seem to be the building blocks of the Jil Sander SS17 menswear collection. The sweaters are neatly tucked in and layered with the aforementioned leather jackets, as well as clean lined trench coats and blousons that were stripped of any element that doesn’t seem archetypical.

And the classic shirt is not gone. It’s still an important element in the puristic, recurring set of Jil Sander staples. But it seems like it’s got a new purpose, appearing in monochrome head to toe looks as well as pattern-contrasting collar glimpses.

After all, while the designer Rodolfo Paglialunga intended the collection to have more of a natural ease, it also has a mystical, sometimes even Twin-Peaks-esque quality to it, probably due to the sweaters, the pure and austere leather coats and the choice of muted colours, dotted with lucid outfits in royal blue and neon orange.

Photography courtesy of Vogue.

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