Round Bottom Bag


In minimalist design, accessory is not only seen as fashion but quite often also primarily perceived as an object surrounded by space. A beautiful example in this context is the Round Bottom Bag, designed by Tokyo-based studio id inc. for ke shi ki. It was created not only considering its look while being worn but also while being placed. Its cylinder shape being folded to form by a closure gives it a feeling of stability and helps it to stand by itself.

I’m thrilled that not only the visual impression is pure and simple but also an uncomplicated use is taken into consideration. The round bottom makes it easy to peek inside the bag while the undyed linen lining makes it easy to find things. At the same time, the folded closures makes sure everything inside the bag is always safe. A last tiny but beautiful detail: the stitching around the magnet clasp and handle seam are as round as the bag. This simply and beautifully emphasises the amazing attention to detail by the designers Seiji Oguri and Yohei Oki of id inc.

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