John Pawson's Christopher Kane Store


Celebrated minimalist architect John Pawson has created an ethereal physical space for London-based label and designer Christopher Kane's very first boutique on Mount Street.

Kane's designs in no way have a minimalist language, with bright colors and geometric patterns in the current season. Yet Pawson's space is a match made in contrast heaven with the use of off-white surfaces, mirrored walls and glass vitrines and display shelves. Accessories are displayed on fluorescent-coloured plates that rest on glass shelves in the wall as a small subtle hint to Kane's effervescent designs.

Using highly polished stainless-steel mirroring on the rail down the staircase that connects womenswear on the ground floor to the menswear on the lower floor, the descent is illuminated by a large cylindrical chandelier that emphasizes the volume of this atrium. The rail sits recessed into the wall, a clever architectural detail of Pawson's, so clothes can be hung on display along the shape of the rail.

Having designed only a small number of retail spaces, Calvin Klein Collections Store in New York being one of them, John Pawson's retail portfolio can look forward to the expansion of more Christopher Kane's stores, since establishing the brand's spatial identity in this beautiful, minimalist architecture.

In the shop