Junmai Sake

graphic design

Recently launched Toji Sake have unveiled the perfect grown-up sister to their original offering; the Junmai Sake. Once again, paying homage to their traditional heritage and Japanese lineage, the packaging and bottle design is minimal, restrained, and cleverly articulated. This also perfectly aligns with the light, dry, and crisp features of the beverage. This intentionality isn’t lost on any of us. Designed to sit within a series, the Junmai is a slightly higher brow, more sophisticated style sake. And the Label reflects this.

The name Toji holds meaning of ‘master of sake’ and it is fitting as such that for the second beverage to reflect this growth. By slightly altering the ingredients used (namely rice and yeast), the resulting palate echoes a junmai ginjo-style sake, with subtle differentiated elements as aroma and profile.

The modern sake is one that hones in on the refined simplicity of its makers, and is now offering a sophistication to how it is being introduced into the culinary experience. Behind the polished exterior, there are years of refining the process, to make the resulting product seem effortless. This new Junmai Sake is a clear extension of this philosophy, and a smooth one at that too.

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