Kantarell Lamp

industrial design

Kantarell is a three-piece lamp series represented by the designer Falke Svatun Studio. It's a project that was showcased at this year's Milan Design Week—specifically at the Norwegian exhibition Everything is Connected, Ventura Lambrate. The lamp certainly defines the meaning of minimalist design through its geometric form from top to bottom, which is hard not to fall in love.

Each lamp variation shares the same distinctive lighting effect. As the designer tells us, the reflector functions like an inverted funnel to spread the light outwards from the hidden light source in the centre, creating a soft and ambient light. While the pendant is static, the head of the floor and side table lamp can be tilted at a 90-degree angle to change composition as well as the direction of light.

The Kantarell lamp is a combination of function and aesthetic design. Falke Svatun used powder-coated steel, aluminium and LED light source to create the prototype for the exhibition and it gave the opportunity to produce a minimal, clean look. I always think that any design should demonstrate both functionality and an appearance that allow it to become a significant addition to one's home. Light is an essential element that can be hugely impactful to our everyday lives and the Kantarell series is exemplary design that would undoubtedly be a welcome addition to your interior space.

Photography by Falke Svatun.

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