kehai Clock

Makoto Koizumi
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Ryoukan Abe

We sometimes find the presence of a clock unpleasant. And sometimes the existence of time is also unpleasant. So a slightly ambiguous sign of time is just fine.

“kehai” embodies a slightly ambiguous sign of time. This clock was originally designed in 2004 by Makoto Koizumi and has now been produced by Lemnos. The movement of the dimly visible hands softly conveys an ambiguous sign of time through the translucent glass. kehai is available in three colours, depending on the wall material, to ensure that it blends in with the space, almost resembling a sign. The red dot on the second hand slowly turns like an objet d’art. The thin, delicate, yet strong aluminium frame is manufactured by Takata Factory using casting technology.

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