Kub Basin

Words by Carl MH Barenbrug

Kub by Victor Vasilev

Milan-based architect Victor Vasilev produced the seamless creature that is the Kub basin in 2010. The seamless nature of this piece, and the way that it has an almost floating ability is sculpturally beautiful. Its functional ability is also clear, made clearer by the materiality of its glass composition. Comprised of white Carrara marble, clear glass, and simple black metal and silicone joints, this piece challenges the typical, and resultantly expected, form of the basin. The opposing materiality of the marble against the glass is perhaps a reference to the ephemeral nature of water as its vessel.

Kub by Victor Vasilev
Kub by Victor Vasilev

The designer, Victor Vasilev, has intentionally misaligned the basin volume from the housing wall unit system. The decision to create this shift is by no means accidental. Minimalism draws on this idea of hidden intent, that through the simplistic nature of the resulting form, the mindfulness behind its inception seems non-existent; and so clear, it seems like the intent was always so obvious. The resulting form is slight and beautiful. The way in which this piece speaks to traditional forms is clear, but its deviation is also clearly intentional. Vasilev’s background, having studied in Scandinavia is clear in this emphasis over materiality and simplicity in composition. The nod to tradition exists, but in a very clear and sharp manner.

Kub by Victor Vasilev
Kub by Victor Vasilev

Born in Bulgaria, Vasilev moved to Israel and later to Milan where he studied. This European influence is evident in material selection and understated design execution. With a background in architecture, he established his own firm taking commissions in architecture, interior, and industrial design. He has collaborated with design greats, such as Boffi, and is clearly at the forefront of the minimalist craft. More work in the continuing vein of the Kub basin will be clearly welcomed.

This article was originally published in Minimalissimo Nº1

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