Annaleena's Private Home


This lovely family home was created by Finnish interior designer Anna Leena Karlsson. Located on a country pasture in Ekerö, Sweden, Annaleena's Private Home is elegant and unique, full of personal touches that indicate a thoughtful design style.

On the exterior, Annaleena's home appears to be a modern cottage: boxy and pure white, but with rustic characteristics, such as the A-frame roof. Within the interior, however, the dwelling takes a much more modern stance. Bright and airy are the first words that come to mind upon viewing the kitchen and living spaces. White cabinetry, white countertops, and light wood floors adorn the kitchen. The whiteness of the built-in elements is nicely accented by pieces of dark furniture and accessories. The dining table and dark metal light fixtures are particular favourites of mine. In the living room, a floor to ceiling window dominates the space. Rugs, fur throws, and artwork lend a cozy, familiar air to this room.

The word that comes to mind when viewing the bedrooms is dreamy. I can not think of a better way to describe the perfect combination of soft textures, interesting light fixtures, and charming accessories. The bathroom is similarly lux; natural stone floors and walls nestle a romantic bathtub.

By far my favourite aspect of Annaleena's Private Home is the amount of art and accessories. Each piece appears to be carefully chosen for the dwelling and lends a sense of personality to every corner. Annaleena's home could not be a more perfect exhibit of her impeccable taste and eye for design.

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