Lakeside House


Lakeside House is a long and elegant silhouette set against a mountainous backdrop. Designed by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates, this Japanese home utilises its inspiring environment as a key feature in the design. The structure is a long rectangle with floor to ceiling windows that frame excellent views of the landscape. The oversized windows blur the boundaries of indoors and outdoors: at times the home feels like a floating dock on the lake.

On the interior, large white tiles stretch across the floor. These tiles continue out to the lakeside terrace, further supporting the idea that Lakeside House is both inside and outside. White walls and curtains stand alongside monochromatic furnishings. This simplified colour palette keeps one's attention on the exterior views, allowing the colours of nature to enhance the home's environment. The home is lit simply with soft overhead lighting and at night this house glows beautifully, reminiscent of a lighthouse calling its ships home.

Every corner of Lakeside House is designed with the environment in mind. All the rooms feature walls of windows on at least three sides. Even the soaking tub in the bathroom is awarded a dramatic view of the lake and mountains.

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