Loft Apartment

Brigida Gonzalez
Kaestle & Ocher

A spacious top floor of a commercial building in Heubach, Germany is the setting for the gorgeous Loft Apartment. Originally, the loft was a five metre column-less room with traditional timber trusses. According to architects Kaestle & Ocker, the conditions of the former warehouse were ideal for the residential design.

The apartment is comprised of three areas: a great room for living, cooking, and dining, and two wings with private rooms for the resident and guests. The defining feature of the main room is the captivating wooden siding that covers the walls. Built of an endless row of small, rounded wooden spindles, the siding is a light, natural colour that compliments the hardwood floors. The wooden panels, referred to by the architects as floating cabinets, help to scale the massive space to a more comfortable arrangement. The cabinets serve multiple functional purposes: the kitchen is fully incorporated into them and they conceal several closets. The ceiling, painted in classic white, drops to meet the cabinetry in a series of elegant folds. The original wooden loft trusses were creatively incorporated into the design—standing out as a feature on the clean white ceilings. Elegant light fixtures, on the ceilings and walls, draws one’s eye up and across the space as they illuminate each area.

Unsurprisingly, the furniture in Loft Apartment was kept simple. A comfortable grey couch spans across the living room and the dining table and chairs are built of a wood tone that matches the walls almost perfectly. The centrepiece of the space is a floating black fireplace. Designed in a mid-century style, it hangs from the ceiling dramatically, as much sculpture as interior object.

The windows in Loft Apartment are of such size and volume that one can hardly believe they are in an apartment building at all. On one side, floor-to-ceiling windows span the full length of the great room. Across, smaller but still sizeable windows provide a view over the kitchen countertops. The view is incredible: the apartment looks towards the Swabian Alps with a view of the iconic Scheuelberg mountain peak. The sliding windows and cross-ventilation allow the resident to enjoy the outdoors all year long. A terrace adds to the experience by providing outdoor living on the loft’s west side.

Last, but not least, we have the stunning bathroom. The enormous bathroom again features the natural wood found throughout the loft—this time the wood is smooth and simple. It feels peaceful. And adding to the vibe is a large bathtub, stationed spa-like in the centre of the room. Seated on a pedestal three steps above the floor, the tub feels like quite a luxury indeed.

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