industrial design

The works of Czech product designer Martin Jakobsen can easily be identified as minimalist. Although his studio, Jakobsen Design has only been established since 2010, his simple and functional products has also seen him design for Danish manufacturing enterprise, Mojoo.

One design I would like to share with you today, is the elegant and simple glass container, Luno, which features a ball of cork as a stopper. Natural materials such as glass, wood and marble are often used throughout Jakobsen's work.

In this case, cork was definitely what I needed. It is a sufficiently soft material and very good combination together with glass.

The Luno container is now available from Czech design portal Maxi Design. Although this design does somewhat resemble that of Andreas Engesvik's Corky Carafe, a collection of these would be a perfect to addition to my kitchen. What about yours?

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