industrial design

°online is a lighting system delivering a pure minimalist aesthetic in a series of 5 types of lighting options that can be built-in, surface mounted or suspended from the ceiling. Designed by Belgian-based architectural and product designer Bart Lens, we are no longer limited to conventional track lighting and its state-of-the-art magnet and contact system even allows some other types of LED fixtures to be mounted.

Yet one might not feel the need to do so given the 5 styles of fixtures that come with °online. Knick, a slim rectangular lamp that is adjustable on a 180 degree swing allows directional mood lighting. In and Out, both similar strips of light, the former being recessed into the track and the latter surface-mounted that work efficiently in illuminating large spaces. Turn, an adjustable rectangular spot light with exchangeable optics with different beams allowing the most amount of flexibility. Dot, a similar spot light best used for illuminating small objects and or as a reading lamp.

Each design is different yet they blend in beautifully next to each other. As a designer, I am drawn to not only how beautiful and simple the whole system is, but also that it serves it function as a light source without distracting as it easily disappears in the space.

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