Mandarin natural Chocolate

package design

The branding for Mandarin natural Chocolate focuses primarily on one key information about chocolate — the cacao intensity, showcased by a gradient 10-dot bar that immediately yet subtly notes whether the chocolate is 60, 80 or 100% cacao. Equally brief, the reverse of the packet stylishly informs the consumer of other key production facts.

Conceived by Japanese art director Yuta Takahashi, fast becoming a Minimalissimo favourite, the project is the epitome of the studio's philosophy of simple and minimal, clean and modern design. Understated and modernistic, Takahashi’s stripped design focuses intently on the product and offsets how seductive the chocolate appears to be.

Our distinct identity, borne of our obsessive refusal to compromise, integrates a minimalistic elegance with a contemporary impression thus bringing the experience of a lovely, new brand to you.

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