Multiple Cases


One idea of minimalism is to make sure that every item in your life has its place. Which, in my case, results in an increasing fondness for pouches of numerous sizes in variations suitable for all things technical, for travel gear or athletic equipment. Usually these pouches are for use inside other bags. They are not of any specific design and—for my taste—mostly black.

Enter Nadine Goepfert, multidisciplinary designer and creative director from Berlin. Her work is based on extensive research as well as a keen eye for examining attitudes and behaviour of her peers in everyday life. In 2017 she came up with a collection of bags by the name of Multiple Cases. And these bags turn the idea of pouches for every occasion into a stunningly beautiful collection of recycled leather designs.

These bags are elegant, simple and very functional. They can be combined while carrying them, they have additional inner pockets and come in colour shades which emphasise the design idea in a subtle but meaningful way. My favourite feature about them? The geometric shape makes it easy to store the individual bags while not in use.

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