Meadowbrook Residence


Jay Atherton Architect’s Meadowbrook Residence was initially inspired by fluctuating seasons of light. Situated in Phoenix, Arizona abounded by an undemanding audience, the architectural formwork is an overt abstraction; yet consciously unspoiled and quiet. Despite the employment of natural materials and local stone, the building itself sits framed by its surroundings, as well as resting respectfully amongst it.

The Meadowbrook Residence, completed in 2008, stands much akin to a light box in a landscaped setting. It is organized around three main sculptural rooms, and each receives light differently through the day and year. At night, it is a seamless lantern where the contrasting finishes and textures stand to highlight and emphasize one another. The junctions between the series of uninterrupted planes throughout are finished beautifully and celebrate minimalist principles.

Jay Atherton Architects are to be commended for this work and for their dedication to the firmness of discipline.

Photography courtesy of Bill Timmerman.

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