No.1 36 Black Edition


While visual branding has become an important factor that determines the success of a certain product, it has also become a main element in oversaturating the market for designers and artists alike. As a result, creatives turn to the notion of timelessness as a way to mediate and immerse their fruitions in the think tank of ever-increasing creative formulas. However, timelessness transforms into a sort of justification for simply rehashing the ordinary. Then, the question is, how do designers manoeuvre on the thread that divides mode and timelessness?

For Form Us With Love, the answer is to provide a basic framework that can be built upon. As a continued exploration of contemporary watch design, TID Watches No.1 is an iconic design that can adapt to a wide range of user base by allowing itself to be customisable. With its case being a monolithic volume of stainless steel and prominent lugs, No.1 36 Black Edition coats the entire face with rich black ion that transforms the watch into a sculpture carved from metal in the most effortless pursuit. If the original was already stripped of extraneous functions and aesthetics, this edition is a simplification of tones through technology and experimentation with new materials. Upon close inspection, the dial’s texture is remarkably bold and complex with definite indentations in place of markers.

We feel that No.1 36 Black Edition from TID Watches is not a design that aims to be groundbreaking. Its objective is fairly direct: to offer a functional base with aesthetic flexibility. Therefore, the thread in-between mode and timelessness might not even exist to begin with; the only existence that matters is where designers decide to place themselves on that blurred boundary.

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