PB 0110 SS16


Philipp Bree, son of a German leather goods dynasty, left the family business in 2012 to found a contemporary minimalist complement by the name of PB 0110. He teamed up with a group of diverse designers who have one goal in common: To create beloved objects instead of trend pieces. Design and quality of PB 0110 bags are the perfect canvas for a beautiful individual patina which will arise from everyday use. All PB 0110 pieces are crafted by traditional European manufacturers who know how to treat high-end leather hides and sturdy natural linen right.

I love the fact that most designs are carry-overs, only seasonally complemented by new colours. Those new colours feel like they could have been part of the line from the beginning. I'm quite impressed by Philipp Bree's skill of bringing together a design team which works so naturally and freely on a single look without loosing their individual approach. That's probably the key element to creating objects that one wants to be accompanied by for a lifetime.

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