Perla Brewery Apt


Located in the city of Lublin, Poland, the historic Vetter Brewery took an ambitious path, thinking beyond the limits of their flagship product, beer. The brand managers decided to create aparthotels, to host their clients with utmost care, in carefully considered minimalist ambients. Projekt Praga were commissioned to partake in the creation of seven different variations playing off from the same simple premise.

Each room consists of an open floor scheme, mixing familiar daily items with the convenience of hotel dynamics. As every room differentiates itself with charming interior design, direct influence from Danish and Japanese aesthetics, the white cube guarantees a welcome visual lightness. Potted plants are a key feature to ground the austere tone with a tinge of warmth, as well as Polish tourism posters. The sole colourful elements in an otherwise pure and absolutely simple room.

A stunning wood cube demands attention with a call to functionality. A practical amalgamation of working space, kitchenette and wardrobe, all into one compact volume. Additionally, it serves as an inconspicuous entrance to the bathroom. And so, the rest of the room breathes with amplitude.

As a simple room for resting, or as a haven for recovery after excesses, Perla Brewery welcomes the lovers of great beers and charming minimalism alike.

Photography by PION.

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