Raumplan House


The newest member of the applauded portfolio of Alberto Campo Baeza is a stunning geometry in white. Raumplan House was completed in 2015 in Madrid, Spain. The design took an allotted 12x12 meter site and divided it into four squares. These segments form the basis for the structure and each detail is formulated around them.

The layout of the living spaces is relatively simple: the communal areas are divided between the ground floor and the uppermost terrace level, with the bedrooms occupying the floors between. Several rooms incorporate outdoor spaces in the form of garden-terraces. Select openings in the façade frame the Madrid landscape, flooding the living areas with the most scenic of views. These terraces are my favourite piece of the design: they are incredibly simple, yet they provide elegant outdoor gathering spaces.

On the interior, multiple windows and skylights are positioned to follow the sun through the course of a day, thus ensuring the home is always filled with light. Shadows play a huge role in the design; they are cast playfully by the various structural geometries to create spaces reminiscent of a Surrealist painting. Overall, Raumplan House is a lovely structure that blurs the line between architecture and sculpture.

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