Kyodo Office


Kyodo Office is a coworking office space designed by id inc. Located in Tokyo, the office is shared by id inc and photo and video company bird and insect Ltd. The shared space necessitated many areas for working on various projects from planning and production to photography.

The design emphasises the creative use of the space, with the interior reading like a blank canvas. The idea is that creativity and ideas fill the space more than any decor could. The office features multiple workspaces as well as a library, conference room, and photography studio. The different rooms are accessed by long hallways where framed openings add depth to the design.

The whiteness of the space also serves as an art gallery. I love how the companies' creations are displayed in the gallery-like setting—it allows the full focus of the viewer to remain on the work, rather than any external design elements.

Kyodo Office not only serves as a beautiful and functional office for its inhabitants but as an inspiration for future progressive office designs.

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